Compnay Introduction

Seaweed with rich in vitamins and minerals enough to be called the best gift from nature to humans! DAECHUN Seaweed, a taste full of savory scent and sea smell

Welcome to DAE CHUN FOODS website.

DAE CHUN FOODS supplies only quality products to consumers,
and strives to share a rich life for fishermen.

Thus, we are honestly producing all the products of DAE CHUN FOODS
by putting only the "heart that my family eats" in each sheet of seaweed.

We process and sell ingredients and collected directly
from the clean waters of the West abd South Sea in Korea.

With the pride of "If you eat DAE CHUN seaweed, you eat the best seaweed,"
We will continue to research and work hard to maintain our reputation.

Thank you.

CEO Min Soon Choi

Striving for quality rather than quality

Thank you for always supporting Daecheon Kim products.
We would like to express our appreciation to the fishermen
for the quality raw seaweed.

Crafted with Grower’s pride

We are doing our best to get closer to consumers with enthusiasm and sincerity by expanding production lines and large-scale factories that select and produce only good products with new product development and the latest automation system.

Delivering value with our recipe

Currently, there are various distribution channels that connect consumers directly, such as hypermarkets and food materials.

We are committed to meeting the customer needs.

DAE CHUN FOODS in the world!

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